Being a Beta Tester

Being a Beta Tester

How to install a browser extension

Note: You will need to do this every time you want to install a new extension. Updates to existing extensions are automatically installed and no action is required.

Ask your developer for a link to the beta version of the extension. This link will look something like this:

Before you can install the extension, you'll need to download Plasmo's Testbed. You can download it by running the command found on the install page of the extension.

TestBed for Windows

TestBed on Windows requires downloading a binary file, which enables the beta tester to install the extension.

TestBed for Mac

When you run the mobile policy, you'll see something like this:

Wait for the installer to download and run.

Once the installer has finished, you'll see the Profiles page. This is where you can install Plasmo Testbed!

Note: Sometimes, the Profiles page doesn't open automatically. To open it manually, press ⌘ + Space, and type "System Preferences" and press enter. If you're still having issues, you can open the Profiles page by going to System Preferences > Profiles.

Click "OK" and click "Install" on the Profiles page to install Plasmo Testbed.

It'll ask you to confirm, click "Install" again.

Plasmo Testbed requires you to restart Chrome for changes to take effect. Click "Restart Chrome" to restart Chrome.

When you click restart Chrome, you can navigate back to the extension page and click the install button.

TestBed for Linux

TestBed on Linux requires the running of a bash script.

Last updated on February 4, 2023