Getting Started

Welcome to Itero: The Browser Extension Cloud

Meet Itero, the cloud platform for browser extension development that allows you to iterate faster without a review process, and test new changes with each and every push. Whether you're an individual developer or a team, Itero's easy-to-use platform helps you save time and streamline your workflow.

At Plasmo (opens in a new tab), we understand the challenges of testing browser extensions, so we've developed TestBed, our staging environment for browser extension development. With TestBed, you can quickly and easily test your extensions, and instantly push them to beta testers without waiting for a review or manually installing the extension.

Our streamlined integration with the GitHub workflow ensures that each push to your repository is automatically deployed to your beta testers with the Itero Builder pipeline. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on developing your browser extension and receiving feedback from beta testers.

With Itero Publisher, you can publish your browser extension to the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons Store effortlessly. We also offer the option to publish to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store, but you'll need a Microsoft Partner Center account.

If you're looking to convert your extension from MV2 to MV3, Itero has got you covered with our MV2 to MV3 Converter toolkit. This makes the conversion process easy and straightforward, ensuring that your extension is compatible with the latest version of the browser.

Want to see Itero in action? Check out our Testbed, Builder, Publisher, and MV2 to MV3 Converter pages for more information on our features and how they can help your business.