Itero TestBed: Your Browser Extension Testing Solution

Itero TestBed is a staging environment for browser extensions. With TestBed, you can instantly test your browser extensions without waiting for browser stores to approve your updates or dragging and dropping zip files.

The Benefits of Itero TestBed

Itero TestBed is a game-changer for browser extension developers. It offers a multitude of benefits such as:

  • No need to drag and drop zip files to test your extensions
  • No waiting for the browser store to approve your updates
  • Seamless integration with GitHub
  • One-click installation for beta testers
  • Automatic updates pushed out to testers

How to Get Started with Itero TestBed

To get started with Itero TestBed, you'll need to create an account on Itero (opens in a new tab). Once you've created your account, follow these simple steps:

Prepare Your Extension's Zip Bundle

If you don't already have a zip file of your extension, don't worry! You can easily generate one using the Plasmo Framework. Just follow these simple commands:

pnpm build
pnpm package

For more detailed instructions, check out the documentation on the build pipeline.

Upload Your Browser Extension's Zip File on Itero

Take the zip file that you created in the previous step and upload it to Itero. You can do this by going to the TestBed (opens in a new tab) page and clicking the "Upload New Extension" button.

Share Your Extension's Link with Your Beta Testers

Once you've uploaded your extension, share the generated link with your beta testers. They'll need to install Plasmo's software, but after that, they can install your extension with a single click. As you make changes, the updates will automatically be pushed out to them.

To get the Extension's Link, open the drop-down item for your Itero extension, then click Install Page:

Extension Item

Share that URL with your tester. If you would like the extension to be accessible to just your team, switch its access to "Private."

GitHub Integration

If you're using GitHub to manage your code, Itero TestBed can be integrated with it. This allows you to automatically deploy your browser extensions to Itero TestBed when you push to your GitHub repository. Visit the GitHub Builder page page for more information.

Itero TestBed is an excellent solution for browser extension developers who want to streamline their testing process. With seamless integration, one-click installation, and automatic updates, your beta testing process will be more efficient.