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Start the Development Server

Once you've set up your project, start developing your extension by navigating to your project directory and running:

pnpm dev
# OR
npm run dev
# OR
plasmo dev

Plasmo will create a dev bundle for your extension and a live-reloading development server, automatically updating your extension bundle on file changes and reloading your browser on source code changes. It also prefixes the extension name with DEV | and makes the icon grayscale to distinguish between development and production bundles.

With a specific target

The dev command accepts a --target flag. Use it to specify a browser and manifest version combination to develop for:

plasmo dev --target=firefox-mv2

The final bundle will be available in the build/firefox-mv2-dev directory.

For a list of officially supported targets, visit this link.

Without source maps

By default, Plasmo generates source maps for your extension during development. If you need to disable this, you can use the --no-source-maps flag:

plasmo dev --no-source-maps

This is useful when you have dependencies that don't play well with source maps.